Artist of the month – my interview in the local paper

Plein Air With Pastels at Stony Brook. Lana Ballot.
Plein Air With Pastels at Stony Brook. Lana Ballot.

It’s been a busy month! And one of the things that kept me busy was an interview for the local newspaper – The Village Beacon Record. It was a classic newspaper experience – with a tight deadline! Irene Ruddock, who writes “Artist Of The Month” column did a great job on editing my sometimes lengthy answers to shorter paragraphs. An artist herself, Irene felt it was important to talk a little bit about the pastel medium since a lot of people still have misconceptions about it. I’m glad that stayed in the final version. Here’s the link to that interview in the online version of the newspaper

Interestingly enough, today, at the end of my plein air class a photographer was passing by and saw me and my student Joan at her easel. He introduced himself as a photographer who does some work for Newsday and asked if he could take pictures of us working on a painting. Newsday is a well-known paper here on Long Island and other parts of New York. On one hand, I don’t like how my photos come out even when I’m ready for them, makeup and hair done,  but at the end of the plein air session on a hot day.. On the other hand, it’s Newsday we are talking about, so we both said it’s ok. It’s a good thing we did not have to stare at the camera, just continued working on Joan’s painting. This may make it into Newsday or it may not, you never know, but if it does, you can be sure I’ll do a post on that!

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